Commercial CCTV Installation Melbourne

As a provider of commercial CCTV installation Melbourne for over 20 years, we understand the important role CCTV plays in security. There is no doubt that having the correct security measures on your business property is crucial. We are registered with Victoria Police as a security installer and adviser, with 25 years of industry experience. As CCTV technology continues to improve and become more technical, our team remain updated and experienced with each change. Our CCTV services include consultation, risk assessment, system design and installation, ongoing maintenance and repairs and service. Being experts in commercial CCTV installation Melbourne means we can advise on the design and technical aspects to suit your business. We undertake a risk assessment to determine what type of CCTV you’ll require and where you needed added security. 

Commercial CCTV Installation Melbourne

Security For Any Property

Along with commercial CCTV installation Melbourne, we provide a wide range of security systems suitable to cover a variety of properties. Using the knowledge we have gained during our years of experience we can suggest security options for your property. Each commercial property is different and serves different functionalities, so will require different forms of security. Whether you need access control for your doors or intruder detection security alarms for your property, we are trained in all types of systems. Depending on your commercial property and requirements, we will tailor a solution around your needs and our recommendations. Being experts in all the modern disciplines of electronic security, these are the systems we install:

  • Intruder Detection Security Alarm Systems
  • Door Access Control
  • Reader Technologies
  • Electrical Locking Solutions
  • Photo ID Printers
  • Door Entry Intercoms
  • CCTV Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

With security technology continually upgrading and becoming for advanced, we understand it can be confusing when you require a commercial CCTV installation Melbourne. As experts in security and CCTV, we offer our advice as every situation is unique. Here are some commonly asked questions:

What services do you provide?

We cover a full range of services from start to finish of your security. This includes consultation, risk assessment, system design and installation, ongoing maintenance, and repairs and service. 

What CCTV products do you recommend? 

We only recommend tested and proven technology for our commercial CCTV installation Melbourne. Dahua, Ubiquiti Networks and Western Digital Purple Series all have reliable products and systems. We will keep in mind your property when choosing which is best suited. 

Are you a licensed provider?

We are licensed with ACMA along with being registered with Victoria Police as a Security Installer and Advisor. 

Start protecting your property today with a commercial CCTV installation Melbourne. Over 20 years of experience has earned us the reputation and skills as a top valued security installation company. Contact our team today to learn more about a security
system for your property at 03 8682 8942.

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