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When it comes to providing a secure solution for the protection of your property, Ninja Security is well placed. Our comprehensive range of alarm products, teamed with over two decades of industry experience means we can supply and support the right system for you. The Ninja has earned a reputation as a top-shelf installation company, working with private clients, industry and government to provide quality solutions backed up with product knowledge and first-rate service.

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21st Century CCTV systems are continuously improving in quality and capability, and they can be as simple or as complicated as your needs demand. At Ninja Security, we are experienced with all facets of CCTV system design and installation, from protecting your home to protecting large enterprises networked over multiple locations. Bottom line – We can provide a tailored solution that meets your needs.

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When It Comes To Intruder Detection Security Alarm Solutions We Use And Recommend:

  • For wireless back to base communications you can’t beat the Permaconn range of 4G, GPRS and IP solutions.
  • The Risco range of wired and wireless alarm controls provide cloud-based visual verification and monitoring via their free smartphone app.
  • A full range of peripheral devices including Passive Infra-Red (PIR) and dual technology motion sensors, Photoelectric (PE) beams, reed switches, sirens, strobes and more.
  • Larger systems demand a greater level of features and flexibility. Ninja is Protégé Certified so we can design a system that fits your security profile.

We have a range of solutions for small and medium-security alarm installations including cloud-based systems that put you in full control. For larger, more complex installations, The Ninja can integrate Intruder Detection, Access Control, CCTV and other Building Automation functions providing a centrally managed security solution networked over multiple sites across the street or across the globe.

How To Choose A CCTV Industry Specialist

When you choose a CCTV provider you need peace of mind.

Your CCTV system is a valuable asset that can help to protect your property and provide evidence of intrusions, workplace accidents and physical attacks. When selecting a provider there are several important issues that you need to be reassured of.

Licensed with Victoria Police

In Victoria, your Intruder Detection Security Alarm installer will need to be licensed with Victoria Police. Ask any prospective installer if they are licensed and insist on proof if you are not sure.

Australian Communications and Media Authority

Before having any cabling work done ensure that your Intruder Detection Security Alarm provider is licensed with ACMA – as with the security license, insist on seeing a current license.

The Cheapest Price

The cheapest price is rarely the best price. A cheaper price may mean inferior quality products, no warranty, no insurance and no comeback if things go wrong.

Fixed Price Written Quotation

Avoid nasty surprises – get a fixed price written quotation before proceeding with any work. The quotation should include materials and labour. If any unforeseen issues arise during the installation get a written assessment from the installer with a fixed price to rectify the issue.

Receive A Written Warranty

Ensure you receive a written warranty. You should receive a minimum 12 months warranty on parts and labour. Many products come with warranties of 2 years or more.

Security Industry Professional

Use a security industry professional with extensive and demonstrable experience and training.

Recent References

Ask for recent references.

Public Liability & WorkCover Insurance

Any tradesman who enters your property needs to have Public Liability Insurance and state-based WorkCover Insurance.

Some Of Our Options

Some Of Our Options